Seems Good is a hard-rockin' power duo from the high plains of Colorado. They deliver a unique smokin' blend of heavy old school riffs and nu skool alternative rock. With influences including Black Sabbath, Logic, Fu Manchu, The White Stripes,  Bo Diddley, Mike Doughty, Helmet, Crowbar, Ming Treatment, Luna Sol, Filter, Chancelor Bennett and The Cult - their roots run wide and deep. 

Alex Ruggles: Vocals & Drums
Matt Ruggles: Guitar

Seems Good's debut EP, Old, is almost here! 
Check out the first video from Old!
Old was recorded with the expertise of two killer musicians and recording gurus in Dallas, Texas. Wo Fat front man and recording wizard Kent Stump engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered the EP; and Wo Fat drummer Michael Walter provided a top-notch CD run and the use of his mellifluous kit

Stay tuned for more info.

Seems Good @ 1 a.m. @ Lion's Lair

Seems Good - Live Oct. 2015

Alex Opens for Kid Rock & Joan Jett at Cheyenne Frontier Days